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RENT High Performance Curling Equipment

Microphone System

Listen to your players team dynamic behind the glass.
With the TD-System coaches are able to listen to the team communication during a game.

Wearing a headphones or recording the audio to your handycam.

The TD-System can be used without extra permission in most European countries.

rent for 1 day   sFr. 150.-

each day more  sFr.  50.-
*plus shipping
Junior teams get 50% discount


Timing System

3-Beam Timing System for:

- Rock matching 
- Weight practise
- Team rock speed adjustment
- Weight judging for the sweepers.

rent for 1 day   sFr. 80.-

each day more  sFr. 40.-

*plus shipping

Junior teams get 50% discount


Livestreaming Kit-2CAM

- Notebook 15,6" -
- Streamingsoftware
- 2 HD camera
- Audio  equipment
- Cables and accessories

- Full configuration and ready to go


Rent for:
1 day          sFr. 300.-

2-4 days     sFr. 100.-
Season       sFr.  2'750.-

*plus shipping +VAT
Junior events get 30% discount


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