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High Performance Curling Overhead Cam System

Far End DIY-Kit

Self installation kit for HD overhead cam in the far end and flatscreen in the viewing arena.
The system can be upgraded with the Home End DIY-Kit and the Live Streaming-Kit.
Optional you can connect your cams with the internet and stream your bonspiels live.


Price is starting from sFr. 1'600.-

Upgrade Home End DIY-Kit

This upgrade kit allows the spectators in the viewing arena to switch between the far and home end.




Price sFr. 900.-






Upgrade Live Streaming-Kit

Stream your bonspiels live to the internet and embed the stream into your club homepage.
All you need is our optional Live Streaming-Kit and the internet connection with at least 1mBit upload for SD or 2.5mBit for HD streaming.


Price is starting from sFr. 2'400.- incl. computer monitor and software

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