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Welcome to PeakCurl

Located in Adelboden Switzerland, PeakCurl offers services for the famous sport of curling.



ChronoCurl Speedtrap
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WCT Adelboden International Men's




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Curling Instructors

Martin Stucki                                    Björn Schröder

Swiss Curling Trainer L3                 WCF Technical Instructor L 1&2
J+S Leiter Leistungssport              Coach J&S and Course conductor
WCF Trainer L2                                International Coach since 2001
WCF Advanced Coach                     World Champion 1992  

WCF Advanced Team Coach           Mental Coach
WCF Ice Technician                         National Trainer Austria  
Swiss National Coach       

Photographer / Livestreamer

Céline Stucki

WCF photographer since the
WWCC 2014 in Beijing.
Operator at our livestream events.

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